Bring Back Softball in 2016

Originally published on
Wednesday, 11 February 2009 12:38 

Subject: Softball Back in the Olympics

Hey team!
As many of you know, there is a vote this October in Denmark to get softball back into the Olympic games for 2016. As of now, they are planning to possibly add at least two sports and it is between us, baseball, rugby, golf, motorcross and karate. We definitely have a chance. However, we need to do all that it takes to help. I am serving as an Ambassador for Back Softball which will be the group in Denmark pleading the case to the IOC. As for American support, this list is specifically how they need our help: This is a digitial link and I am hoping that we, as the US softball Olympians can influence and spread the word in these next critical months by having as many people as possible do as much as they can from this list. As you will see, it can be as simple as going onto their site on Facebook or watching their You Tube video to spreading the word or donating money to the campaign. We need to go into that meeting with NUMBERS, showing how many clicks You Tube and Facebook got (this is the day we live in now), showing the amount of people supporting this sport.

For those of you that have websites, feature this link on your home page (I just put “Want to get softball back in the Olympics?” and they click to get this link), so every softball fan that comes through has a way to help. Print up this list and hand it out at your clinics, email it to your teams, fans, friends and family. Coming from us will resonate a lot — plus, I think every softball fan is searching for a way to get it back, we just need to direct them to the same place.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I am also selling Back Softball merchandise at clinics to raise money and awareness for the campaign as well, if any of you are interested in that, let me know.

Thank you for your time and help with this! Hopefully we will get this back for future girls and women to experience what we have been so blessed to do!

Jessica Mendoza