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Player List

1Cassandra ValleSAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNSecond base
2Danielle Directo16U WHIPPLEOutfield, Second base
3Destinee Amaya14U NOELTEOutfield, Pitcher, Shortstop
4Jenel Mallari12U ROOKEYOutfield, Pitcher, Shortstop
5Audrey Bagge16U PEARLSTEINCatcher, Third base
6Jessica Medlin16U WHIPPLECatcher, Outfield
7Kaylei Beckham14U NOELTE
8Delaney StettlerSAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNOutfield, Pitcher, Third base
9Malaya Delfin16U PEARLSTEINLeft field, Outfield, Right field
10Kristell Ramirez14U NOELTEOutfield, Shortstop, Third base
11Catie Dobbs16U PEARLSTEINFirst base, Pitcher
12Frankie Martinez16U WHIPPLESecond base, Shortstop
13Davina M.-
14Alexi WyckoffSAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNFirst base, Outfield, Pitcher
15Emma Casamassima16U WHIPPLEPitcher, Second base
16Lilly W.-
17Catherine DagesSAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNFirst base, Pitcher
18Erica Simon16U WHIPPLESecond base, Shortstop
19Samara Galvas14U NOELTEOutfield, Second base, Shortstop
20Aly Allmann16U PEARLSTEINCatcher, Third base
21Lacey Bainbridge14U NOELTECatcher, First base, Outfield
22Vanessa H.-
23Lexi Hutchinson16U WHIPPLEOutfield, Second base
24Allison Lupsha16U WHIPPLEPitcher, Second base
25Bella Pilon14U NOELTEOutfield, Second base, Shortstop, Third base
26Jalyn AyalaSAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNPitcher, Second base
27Grace Richter16U WHIPPLEPitcher, Third base
28Katelynne Parent12U ROOKEYPitcher, Third base
29Kasey Castro16U WHIPPLEPitcher, Shortstop
30Ka’imilani De Guzman14U NOELTECatcher, First base, Third base
31Ally H.04 HAESSLY
32Bella Dean12U ROOKEYOutfield, Second base
33Skylar JacksonSAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNFirst base, Outfield, Pitcher
34Kayla Hopper16U WHIPPLEFirst base
35Lily Y.04 HAESSLY
36Cierra FilipponeSAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNFirst base, Outfield
37Kylie Mead16U PEARLSTEINFirst base, Pitcher
38Amber Y.04 HAESSLY
39Holly Day16U WHIPPLEOutfield
40Jalen G.04 HAESSLY
41Jaclyn Anning12U ROOKEYFirst base, Third base
42Jade Hill16U PEARLSTEINOutfield, Second base
43Kayla F.04 HAESSLY
44Keala Ruiz12U ROOKEYOutfield
45Izzy S.04 HAESSLY
46Allyson Moody12U ROOKEYPitcher, Shortstop
47Julianna GarciaSAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNOutfield, Second base
48Haley Johnson16U PEARLSTEINCatcher, First base, Outfield
49Amanda Whipple16U WHIPPLECatcher, First base
50Sierra MartySAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNOutfield, Second base
51Laila Spracklen16U PEARLSTEINFirst base, Outfield, Pitcher
52Maddy Ho14U NOELTEOutfield, Pitcher, Second base
53Ashley McConnell-Catcher, Outfield
54Shyla Ciampa12U ROOKEYOutfield, Second base
55Taylor Gray16U PEARLSTEINOutfield, Second base
56Amanda Alcala-Catcher, First base, Left field
57Marissa White12U ROOKEYCatcher, Outfield, Third base
58Kendi SwintonSAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNFirst base, Third base
59Alyssa B.04 HAESSLY
60Emily QuesadaSAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNLeft field, Second base
61Kylie Munro14U NOELTEFirst base, Pitcher
62Ava Gall12U ROOKEYCatcher, First base, Third base
63Natalia AnguianoSAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNSecond base, Shortstop, Third base
64Hanna Davis16U PEARLSTEINOutfield, Second base, Third base
65Kori J.04 HAESSLY
66J.J. Venzor16U PEARLSTEINShortstop, Third base
67Savannah JacksonSAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNCatcher, First base
68Dylann B.04 HAESSLY
69Bella Mendez14U NOELTECatcher, Outfield
70Emma Shellstrom12U ROOKEYFirst base, Pitcher
71Samaria RoopeSAN DIEGO RENEGADES 18U GOLD STERNFirst base, Pitcher, Third base
72Natalie B.04 HAESSLY
73Tristyn Farmer12U ROOKEYOutfield, Third base