Front Row (sitting
L to R):
Karen Gellerman, Briana Williams, Monique Portugal. Middle Row (kneeling L to R): Emily Gusse, Alyssa Abrenica,
Morgan Kurtz, Alexis Nelson, Stephanie Higgins. Back Row (standing
L to R):
Coach Lawrence Abrenica, Coach Scott Gellerman, Jordan
Burton, Mary Lee, Nichole Barba, Michelle Michalak, Carly Knott,
Coach Randy Nelson, Manager Don Portugal.

2006 12U San Diego Renegades
Co-Champions — Triple Crown Big League Dreams, Palm Springs


Top Row (L-R): Manager Don Portugal,
Stephanie Higgins, Carly Mitchell, Nichole Barba, Briana Williams,
Jordan Burton, Alyssa Abrenica, Mary Lee, Coach Scott Gellerman, Coach Lawrence
Abrenica. Bottom Row (L-R): Alexis Nelson, Monique Portugal, Emily Gusse, Michelle Michalak, Karen Gellerman, Morgan Kurtz.

2005 12U San Diego Renegades
(Portugal) — Inaugural team


Top Row (L-R): Mary Lee, Lauren
Nagle, Briana Williams, Michelle Michalak, Alyssa Abrenica, Nichole
Barba.  Bottom Row (L-R): Monique Portugal, Karen Gellerman,
Megan Lerno, Emily Gusse, Morgan Kurtz, Brittany Roberts. Not
Pictured: Brittany Molnar