Celebration Pictures at the Martell&#039s home in Poway, CA.

Girls practice the "I got it" fly ball drill  in the Jacuzzi.
Vanessa, Tash,
Jessica, Kyla Jessica M, Ilana, Megan and Kristie join in the fun


Practice for Nationals sure is hard work!

This is Natasha practicing a sliding at third base.  Notice the intense
look in her face.

Jessica M in the middle shares her pool with the rest of the team Megan,
Brittany, Kyla, Jessica J, Natasha, Aubrey. Kristie, Vanessa and Ilana. Oh
yeah can&#039t forget Cory.

Jessica&#039s innovative hitting  style starts with  good tongue
She demostrate here how is done to Natasha, Aubrey, Kristie and Tami.

The team would like to thank the Martell&#039s for their hospitality.