14U Rodriguez


San Diego Renegades
14U Team

 Welcome to the 14U San Diego

Renegades – 92 team. The team manager is Greg Rodriguez and head coach
is Edward Testa .

For information about the team, please contact Edward at

Wrapping up the Spring 07 High School
Softball season

Top Row (L-R): Ali Rios, Kylie
Ripley, Simmone Kelly, Torry Koetter, Chelsea Testa, Maggie
McCormick, Stephanie Wood
Bottom Row (L-R): Ashley Rodriguez, Breannah Lara, Raea Tanielu,
Dena Young

Top Row (L-R):
Simmone Kelly, Raea Tanielu,
Middle Row (L-R): Ali Rios, Dena Young, Breannah Lara, Stephanie
Wood, Hannah Rapoport, Torry Koetter
Bottom Row (L-R): Ashley Rodriguez, Amy Young, Chelsea Testa, Maggie
McCormick, Kylie Ripley

San Diego Renegades – 92 (Testa/Rodriguez) won the
14U San Pedro USSSA tournament on June 25th. The team
has now qualified for USSSA and Triple Crown Nationals.

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